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Contact your local legislator

Find your local legislators by clicking the button below. All legislation information is accessible by clicking the Bill number starting with SB or HB. Call or email representatives using this template.

Take Action

Contact Your Texas Representative and Senator. Let them know you want them to support the bills now in committee. These bills are designed to keep our Senior Citizens safe in their own homes.

The bills include:

SB 864, filed by Sen. Angela Paxton


HB 723, filed by Rep. Jared Patterson, which were filed in February, would require officials to notify next-of-kin when medical examiners amend death certificates.


SB 1133, filed by Sen. Nathan Johnson


HB 3144, filed by Rep. Jared Patterson, which would create a certification program for senior living communities and establish minimum security standards such as employee background checks and ID badges for visitors.

HB 3095, filed by Rep. Julie Johnson, which would hold senior living communities liable for the deaths of residents through dishonesty or negligence and require communities to perform criminal background checks for employees and report any criminal activity to police.

SB 1132, filed by Nathan Johnson


HB 3123, filed by Rep. John Turner, which would enforce regulations on cash-for-gold and pawn shops like the ones where police say Chemirmir sold the items he stole from elderly victims.

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