"To ensure residents of senior living facilities are secure from criminal activity"


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Some of us are wives. Some of us are mothers and grandmothers. Some of us are sisters.

We were daughters.

Now we are friends. Joined together by a shared tragedy.

We lost our mothers to a knock on a door.

To repeat - a knock on a door. He shouldn't have been able to walk down their hall and knock on their door.

We thought they were safe. We paid for oversight. We thought they were safe. They were not.

We are daughters who have lost their loved ones. We are working so you don't have to live our tragedy. We don't want this to happen to another family. 

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Secure Our Seniors’ Safety (SOSS) was founded when the unthinkable happened.  A serial killer, indicted for eighteen homicides, murdered our loved ones in their residences for jewelry.

Their stories live on within each of us, and are a driving force behind our continued pursuit for justice and safety.


Donations are used for expenses regarding promotion for legislation, website support, and operating costs. We are registered as a 501 (c)(4) Non Profit. Since we are working to encourage legislation for senior living safety and security requirements, donations do not qualify as tax deductiIble.


Because it takes a village

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We're working hard to ensure that what happened to our loved ones, doesn't happen to yours. Any support goes a long way.

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