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"How an Accused Serial Killer Allegedly Snuck into Senior Living Facilities to Murder 22 People"

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'We are going to fight like hell': Families of Billy Chemirmir's victims call for protections for senior living home residents


"Families of Alleged Victims of Suspected Serial Killer Successfully Push For New Texas Laws"

Media Stories

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"Suspected Serial Killer Accused of Smothering 18 Seniors and Stealing Jewelry"

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"Lawmakers file series of bills to address senior security, cash-for-gold after Dallas-area killings"

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"Senior safety bills introduced in response to North Texas serial murders"


"Armed with Lessons from a Dallas Serial Killer, Families Push for Reforms in Texas Law"

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"Daughter of alleged victim in serial murder case decries removal of Dallas police info"


"Jury Selection Begins in Trial of Accused Serial Killer Billy Chemirmir"

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"What to know about the first trial of alleged senior living serial killer Billy Chemirmir"

"A Look At The Murder Spree Billy Chemirmir Is Accused Of Committing In North Texas"

"Stranger at the Door: How a Plano Grandmother May Have Stopped a Suspected Serial Killer"

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