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Our Story

Secure Our Seniors’ Safety (SOSS) was founded when the unthinkable happened.  


A serial killer, indicted for 22 homicides, murdered our loved ones in their residences for jewelry. The majority of the crimes occurred in four senior independent living establishments in Dallas, Plano and Frisco, Texas. Over time, we learned these establishments knew a stranger was wandering their properties, unattended deaths were reported. The management said nothing to the residents of the crimes occurring.


We found this behavior of silence, cover up, unacceptable. We do not want others to have our experience. We want seniors safe from crime.


Our first goal is legislation passed to improve senior security at residential establishments.


Our second goal is to educate consumers to know what to look for when choosing a residence; increase awareness of crimes against seniors and how to be safe.


SOSS started July 2019 when four daughters found each other and met with State Senator Nathan Johnson and State Representative Julie Johnson, shared their tragic stories and vowed to make changes. We have grown to family members of over twenty victims.


Join us as we work to take care of those who took care of us!

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Our Board of Directors

Shannon Dion.webp

Shannon Dion

Daughter of Doris Gleason

Loren Adair Smith.webp

Loren Adair-Smith

Daughter of Phyllis Payne

Ellen House.webp

Ellen House

Daughter of Norma French

Mary Jo Jennings.webp

Mary Jo Jennings

Daughter of Leah Corken

Cheryl Pangburn.webp

Cheryl Pangburn

Daughter of Marilyn Bixler

Karen Harris.webp

Karen Harris

Daughter of Miriam Nelson

Rober MacPhee.webp

Robert MacPhee

Son of Carolyn MacPhee


Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure legislation is passed and increase awareness of vulnerability of elders.

We think that in the suburban areas of DFW the likelihood that you will have known someone that was murdered is small. That you will have a family member who was murdered is even smaller. That the murder victim was one of our most vulnerable, that they were elderly is even more heinous.


We want to create a coalition of people to change the state regulations for senior living establishments. We want our legislators to take into consideration that there is no oversight by the government to protect our seniors.


Our older family members have looked forward to retirement. They want the companionship and convenience of a senior independent living environment. They are fed and entertained. They have transport to appointments. They think they are being protected and cared for.  Most senior living apartments do not have secure doors during the day. People come and go. In some cases bad people come and go. Bad people who have no legitimate purpose other than to do bad things.


There are no regulations for security in Texas. There are regulations about having adequate staffing for safety but don’t specify what an adequate ratio is. We want our elected officials to legislate new regulations. We want the public more aware of the lack of security. We are working to protect your loved ones. We lock down schools to protect our kids. We need to provide security regulations to protect our seniors.

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