Juanita Bosher Purdy was born in Dallas, Texas on April 17, 1933.  The daughter of George and Middie Bosher.  Juanita grew up in Dallas while attending public schools and graduated from North Dallas High School.

After World War II she met a handsome soldier by the name of Bill Ducker while teaching dance in downtown Dallas. They soon married and began a life together by having three children and settling into a new home in Merriman Park located in Northeast Dallas.  Juanita was the consummate neighborhood mom with their home serving as a constant hangout for her children’s numerous friends. She created a home that made everyone feel welcome.  She was an excellent cook and party organizer and her smile and laugh could energize any room.  When the children started high school, Juanita went to work for Reed, Wells, Benson and Company, performing secretarial duties.  After 26 years of marriage, Bill unfortunately passed away from lung cancer in 1984.

In time, she was introduced to Roy Einspanier by a mutual friend. As Roy was also widowed, they had much in common and it wasn’t long before they were married which created quite a big family.  Roy had seven children and Juanita had three. Family get togethers were many and quite large.  After 12 years of marriage to Roy, sadly he passed away as well.

A few years later, a mutual friend introduced her to Jim Purdy.  Originally, they went out for companionship, but it soon turned into love.  Juanita had sold the home in Merriman Park and moved into Jim’s home on Preston Creek Drive.  A few years after that, they decided that the home was too much upkeep for them during “their golden years” and they learned of a new complex being built nearby which boasted of all the amenities of home with around the clock security.  Jim and Juanita were the first contract at The Tradition which included name badges with “Founders Club” engraved upon them. Jim and Juanita began to enjoy their later years by constantly traveling around the world as well as visiting Juanita’s daughter, Diana, who had moved to Maryland, and her son, Tom, in Kerrville.  After Jim passed away, Juanita moved two doors down from her two-bedroom apartment at Tradition to a one-bedroom which was better suited to her needs.  Juanita’s friendships continued to flourish and being known as one of the “Party Girls” on the 4th floor was a badge of honor for Juanita.  She enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest.   

She was looking forward to an evening with her friends at an extravagant seven-course meal with wine tasting pairings which sadly she would never attend.  Juanita’s children, Diana and Tom, were informed by the management of Tradition that their mom had passed away peacefully in her sleep that morning.  Shortly thereafter, Diana arrived at her mom’s apartment after driving three mind numbing hours from Nacogdoches.  During the process of taking all of this in, Diana began to look for her mom’s rings that she always wore and could not find them.  Diana called the Dallas Medical Examiner’s office and inquired if any rings were on her mother at the time of death and the answer was “No”.

All of her rings were missing, and no one could seem to come up with a plausible explanation.  This was the catalyst for beginning a search for all her valuable jewelry. The jewelry that was missing was insured for close to $30,000.   A police report was filed but no one ever followed up on the theft. Tradition passed it off to the Police and the Police said that Tradition was performing their own investigation of this matter.  Several times Diana called Tradition for answers and received nothing!  Like many others, Diana could not make sense of how this jewelry could go missing but it was explained away without any real explanation.  It was not until a year later that the family found out the real reason behind the missing jewelry.

Juanita was a beautiful person inside and out. She was a loving wife, mother and grandmother and is extremely missed every single day by each and every one of us.   She was in excellent health before we were called about her death making it that much harder to understand. On July 31, 2016, Juanita went to her Lord and Savior.

The family is currently waiting on the Dallas Medical Examiner’s office to change her death certificate from natural causes to homicide.

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