Mission Statement:

"To ensure residents of senior living facilities are secure from criminal activity."

The Daughters

MJ Jennings, Ellen House, Laurie Carter, Loren Adair, Shannon Dion

Our Story

Some of us are wives. Some of us are mothers and grandmothers. Some of us are sisters.

We were daughters.

Now we are friends. Joined together by a shared tragedy.

We lost our mothers to a knock on a door.

To repeat - a knock on a door. He shouldn't have been able to walk down their hall and knock on their door.

We thought they were safe. We paid for oversight. We thought they were safe. They were not.

We are daughters who have lost their loved ones. We are working so you don't have to live our tragedy. We don't want this to happen to another family. 




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Our goal is to ensure legislation is passed and increase awareness of vulnerability of elders

We think that in the suburban areas of DFW the likelihood that you will have known someone that was murdered is small. That you will have a family member who was murdered is even smaller. That the murder victim was one of our most vulnerable, that they were elderly is even more heinous.

We want to create a coalition of people to change the state regulations for senior living establishments. We want our legislators to take into consideration that there is no oversight by the government to protect our seniors.

Our older family members have looked forward to retirement. They want the companionship and convenience of a senior independent living environment. They are fed and entertained. They have transport to appointments. They think they are being protected and cared for.  Most senior living apartments do not have secure doors during the day. People come and go. In some cases bad people come and go. Bad people who have no legitimate purpose other than to do bad things. There are no regulations for security in Texas. There are regulations about having adequate staffing for safety but don’t specify what an adequate ratio is. We want our elected officials to legislate new regulations. We want the public more aware of the lack of security. We are working to protect your loved ones.

We lock down schools to protect our kids. We need to provide security regulations to protect our seniors.

Donations are used for expenses regarding promotion for legislation, website support, and operating costs.

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By Steve Helling 

December 04, 2020

Contact Your Texas Representative and Senator. Let them know you want them to support the bills now in committee. These bills are designed to keep our Senior Citizens safe in their own homes.

The bills include:

SB 864, filed by Sen. Angela Paxton


HB 723, filed by Rep. Jared Patterson, which were filed in February, would require officials to notify next-of-kin when medical examiners amend death certificates.


SB 1133, filed by Sen. Nathan Johnson


HB 3144, filed by Rep. Jared Patterson, which would create a certification program for senior living communities and establish minimum security standards such as employee background checks and ID badges for visitors.

HB 3095, filed by Rep. Julie Johnson, which would hold senior living communities liable for the deaths of residents through dishonesty or negligence and require communities to perform criminal background checks for employees and report any criminal activity to police.

SB 1132, filed by Nathan Johnson


HB 3123, filed by Rep. John Turner, which would enforce regulations on cash-for-gold and pawn shops like the ones where police say Chemirmir sold the items he stole from elderly victims.